From the Full came Full…

Isha Upanishad is profound and moving as reading any fascinating tracts of magical realism. It is not easy. But if one is patient, it is very easy. If one is looking, there is something for everyone. The religious ones. The irreligious ones. The atheists. The agnostics. It is non denominational. Here is a beautiful piece of music that resonates the theme and one of the leading verse of the Upanishad.


The lord of the lights~


Looking for your light,
I went out:

it was like the sudden dawn
of a million million suns,

a ganglion of lightnings
for my wonder.

O Lord of Caves,
if you are light,
there can be no metaphor.

~ Allama Prabhu

Translation by A K Ramanujan

Kaun Thagwa…

On a cot made of sandalwood, the bride lay.
Get up, dear friend, adorn the parting
of my hair! The bridegroom is upset with me.
Along came King Death, climbed up on the bed.
Tears broke from eyes.
Four people got together, lifted the cot-
Smoke, smoke in all directions.
Kabir says, listen seekers, friends,
all ties to the world
have dropped away.

translated by Linda Hess


Kaun Thagwa

Kaun thaguva nagariya lutal hochandan kaath ke banal khatola,
tha par dulhin suthal houtho sakhiri mang savaro
dulha mose ruthal hoaaye jamraja palang chadi baitha,
nayanan asunva asunva thutal hochaar jane mil khat uthayin
chahun disi ghaon ghaon uthal ho

kehat kabira suno bhai sadho
jag se natha tutal ho

The Bath

Love in the Bathtub

Years later we’ll remember the bathtub
the position of the taps
the water, slippery
as if a bucketful of eels had joined us …
we’ll be old, our children grown up
but we’ll remember the water sloshing out
the useless soap,
the mountain of wet towels.
‘Remember the bathtub in Belfast?’
we’ll prod each other

~Sujata Bhatt


(Source: Fifty greatest modern love poems -http://goo.gl/Mvfjrp)



Breasts are bubbles, rising
In wet marshlands

I watched in awe — and guarded —
Their gradual swell and blooming
At the edges of my youth’s season

Saying nothing to anyone else,
They sing along
With me alone, always:
Of Love,

To the nurseries of my turning seasons,
They never once forgot or failed
To bring arousal

During penance, they swell, as if straining
To break free; and in the fierce tug of lust,
They soar, recalling the ecstasy of music

From the crush of embrace, they distill
The essence of love; and in the shock
Of childbirth, milk from coursing blood

Like two teardrops from an unfulfilled love
That cannot ever be wiped away,
They well up, as if in grief, and spill over

~ Kutti Revathi

(Translated by N Kalyan Raman)

(Source: Fifty greatest modern love poems -http://goo.gl/Mvfjrp)



The Swan will take flight one day…(Ud jayega hans akela…)

The inevitability of death and poignant context set in this Kabir Bhajan always stirs disquiet yet settles  me each time I hear it. It’s not only the lyrics but the soulful rendition by Kumar Gandharva that sends me tripping.  In this performance, the singer and the song have become one…The lyrics, the rhythm and the cadence, the tone, the mood, everything comes alive with deeper and newer meanings…

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