Dissolve in the Absolute

Baba Shamsuddin, as his students called him, was born in 1936 in Bhavnagar (Gujarat). He first learned sitar from his father, Rudra Veena player Mohammed Khan Faridi, who came from the centuries-old tradition of Gauharbani Gharana.

Shamsuddin Baba belonged to the Islamic Qadri Sufism. For him, music was a form of prayer. “Allah is hidden in the music,” he said. His musical language was very unique and not easily accessible. With its impulsiveness and strong expression it could open the door to the mystical world of Sufism, if one was willing to embrace it. Baba Shamsuddin’s aim was to bring himself and the listener into a state of annihilation (Arabic: fana) and trance (Arabic: wajd). He especially liked playing at the Sufi shrines in Delhi or at the commemoration of the renowned Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Source : https://www.india-instruments.com/shamsuddin-faridi-desai-troubadour-of-allah.html

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