1,536,653 Views in one week. 5000+comments. Wild viral video to say the least. Hilarious take on iphone. Would love to see how Apple responds to this ad.

Campiest costumes and the craziest mating game: Its certainly not an exclusive preserve of homo sapiens. A beautiful NatGeo slideshow. http://bit.ly/9xYaII

Nielsen released its “Asia Pacific Social Media Report” on Jun 30.

Online product reviews are increasing their influence on purchases in India, particularly for consumer electronics. For more details-http://bit.ly/bSK8G1


Finger Painting on the Apple iPad from the live model David Kassan

This ambigrammatic (FAKE WORD IS FAKE) tattoo reads ‘art & science’ when read in one direction, ‘philosophy’ when read in another and ‘schools 4 fools’ when read upside-down in a mirror while spinning around repeating ‘Bloody Mary’.

Courtesy: Guy Kawasaki, Geekologie-http://bit.ly/bS78lk