Loving my first Android phone- The Samsung GalaxyS I9000.

My old faithful Nokia E66 finally went into coma after months of serious abuse. I used this as a good excuse to go looking for a new Android phone that I have been long dreaming off. After a lot of painstaking research (read -calling my geek brother Zubin, who for hours together did not respond to my calls) and looking at what was in the market, I finally settled for this really cool looking Samsung GalaxyS.

Having used this phone for more than two days, I can’t curb my “noob"ly urges to go to the town raving about it. This phone is simply great! (Ah! Venting that out feels so good). Anyway, don’t know how much this will account for, when I say, I haven’t used an iPhone ever. But this I can safely say- this phone does have it merits and surely occupies the top slots.

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