Boost your chances of Survival by 50 Percent: Go social!

Their is a strong relation between relationship and long and healthy life.

Not that this fact needs a very strong scientific expostulation to prove its veracity, Scientific American cites a research that exactly does that. Reminds me of the Okinawans and the example in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outlier about the Italian Rosetans who settled in the USA. They do tell us that socialising and the social fabric are also very important for a good life apart from other hygiene factors-diet, life style, positive outlook, et al.

My moot point here is if social media helping us to have a much better social life. On a somber note the article mentions-“Despite the hyperconnected era of Facebook friends and Blackberry messaging, social isolation is on the rise. More people than not report not having a single person they feel that they can confide in—up threefold from 20 years ago”.

The article certainly makes for an interesting read. To read the complete piece, follow the link-

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