Invent, Improve or Copy…or Perish. That seems like an old mantra. But Trendspotting Report gives an entirely new meaning to the above tenet. Think what they mean was here is not simple or incremental inventions, improvement or copy but more of the radical kind. Innovation Insanity, rightly captures the essence of the new rule for the market. Some of the interesting innovations are captured here-

11 craziest things about the universe: Sample this one: Every breath you take contains an atom breathed out by Marilyn Monroe.

1,536,653 Views in one week. 5000+comments. Wild viral video to say the least. Hilarious take on iphone. Would love to see how Apple responds to this ad.

Campiest costumes and the craziest mating game: Its certainly not an exclusive preserve of homo sapiens. A beautiful NatGeo slideshow.

Nielsen released its “Asia Pacific Social Media Report” on Jun 30.

Online product reviews are increasing their influence on purchases in India, particularly for consumer electronics. For more details-