Time spent on Facebook is directly proportional to Narcissism

Time spent on Facebook is directly proportional to Narcissism

Hic Hic Hurray to a long Life!

Hic Hic Hurray to a long Life!

Magic Squares.

I always count myself as being among those who are mathematically challenged. Consequently I hold in awe anyone with ability to count up to 100 or multiply 4X4.

By my standards, this puzzlist ought to be anointed and hailed as the most exalted divinity. The square shown above is not an ordinary one.

Each row and column adds to the same sum — but so is each successive nested square, from 11 x 11 down to 3 x 3.

The magic constant of each square is 10,874 smaller than the last.

And every cell is prime.

Apparently this was composed by someone who was spending time in the prison.

Found it here- http://bit.ly/dw9S2G

Discovered: Multiple Planets Transiting a Single Star

So many planets beyond our solar system are being discovered. Mind boggles at the possibilities. Will we colonize another planet? Will aliens contact us. Do we have extra terrestrials already amongst us? Some of the UFO’s stories may have been true after all. Boldest science fiction may turn out to be tame facts or will it all be a let-down.

What will it mean to mankind when we conclusively discover lifeforms beyond our planet?


Does Your Language Shape How You Think?

This article really got me thinking. http://nyti.ms/dxCJcY

How much is Left?

The Limits of Earth’s Resources, Made Interactive