Interactive Twitter-Based Murals in the U.S. Promote Canada

Am hoping the touch screen media comes to India soon, if it hasn’t already. I am left wondering though, how the ubiquity of social media/media is going to affect us. It has become so easy to tag our location. We are already hearing about sensors/camera that can sense our mood. Will we have messages beamed to us that are highly tailor-made and based on knowledge of our vulnerability and our dispositions. Will “contextual” advertising become so powerful, pervasive and smart with all that suffusion of knowledge that will be generated during every digital transaction.

Enough of dystopian thought for the day. I am sure it might turn out for our own good and we will always find a way to use technology to our own advantage.

Calling something is dead is such an over worn cliche. But it sure does ignite the tinderbox, to use another cliche. Wired has now sent the internet channels into a tizzy by saying “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet”. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the cloudburst of opinions.

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The reality distortion field about Male Drivers lies shattered

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