Thank you Ogilvy, Bangalore and all the lovely people working out there. It had been a wonderful two years.

And Dear Fish-tankers, what joy it has been to be amongst you. Will miss you all. It may sound corny, but I must tell you with all the mush and bluster Rajnikant can muster- You can take a person out of the Fishtank but never a Fishtank out of a person.

Also all the wonderful people at IBM, thank you so much for making the journey so much fun, insightful and most of all, very eventful. After all, one doesn’t get to work on making the planet “Smarter” every day!

Do hope to keep in touch with you and follow you all on your facebooks, your LinkedIns, your twitters, your mails or any of the new-fangled things that comes up.

Will continue to keep my eyes peeled on all your updates and posts for all small and big things happening around you.

Jaya: Illustrated Retelling of Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik

Even for a sometime agnostic sometime atheist, this book made an interesting read. Very nicely narrated. Would highly recommend. But the story of Mahabharata did leave me with an uneasy feeling. I feel the entire story is a cynics delight. What with the power struggle, politics and characters it brings to life.

This must have been the spider that bit Spider Man

Wired reports of a spider discovered deep in the jungles of Madagascar that spins the largest webs in the world, using silk that’s tougher than any known biological substance. The web spun by them is supposedly tougher than kevalar. From the looks of it, …

Brian Solis Does it Again

Brian Solis Does it Again

3D Portraits made of Chicken Wire

6 Facebook Hazards

I do think Facebook has been one of the good things to happen on the internet. But David Rowan cites 6 reasons why he thinks Facebook is not such a great idea after all. The arguments are compelling but I am not rushing out …

Ravi, thanks for the gifting me the Sketch Book and pencil today

But alas, I am afraid your noblest deeds has turned out against you. It was fun getting back to sketching after a long long time. Thanks for posing patiently.  Hope you don’t sue me when the junta sees this libelous post about you. People will vouchsafe you look much better and cuter than this.