Your Facebook Profile Photo Reveals Secrets About You!

I am not talking about facebook privacy issues here. This is about yet another article highlighting study around social media. This study apparently sought to  unravel the real person behind the profile photos on Social media sites. To do a rough and dirty test of this study, I went over the profile photos on my facebook list and also put my own intentions under scrutiny. The later excercise got me nodding on most of the top level findings of the study. Sample this-

…men were 50% more likely to have retouched their photo than women, and 20% less likely to be smiling in it.

…those over 30 and those in a couple were far more likely to have a child’s photo as their profile picture.

So obvious in the hindsight.

One very candid admission got me thinking too-

“My profile photo is meant to give the impression that i possess a higher degree of gravitas and sophistication than i actualy do.”

Read the complete article on the Beeb here-

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