An unchecked email addiction feeds itself to become a sinister monster that controls and wreaks havoc on life!

Here are 10 Psychology studies that advise us to check mails less often (Methinks this applies to checking updates on Social sites too). Sample also the types of Email writers-

  1. The cryptic: rated the most irritating type of emailer, this person fills their emails with unexplained acronyms, mostly to try and impress the boss.
  2. The author: thinks they are writing a novel not an email.
  3. The forwarder: sends on every idiotic chain letter and joke they receive, apparently without exercising their judgement.
  4. The player: claims not to have received your email. Quite irritating; but in these days of spam filters, hard to prove.
  5. The smiley: emoticon users were amongst the least irritating types of emailer.
  6. The succinct: the least irritating type of emailer keeps it short and to the point.