Change Starts with Me: #RIPNirbhaya #RIP Indifference

My solemn promise to My Wife. My Women Friends. My Sisters. My Mom. All the Womenfolk. 

I will respect your choices and your equal rights to enjoy life and its liberties.
I will not pass judgement on your moral standards and duties.

I will not let my father, mother, elders, the society, religion, culture and other authorities to brainwash me into thinking that one gender has more privileges and authority over the other. Or that one gender alone carries all the burden of society’s responsibilities, beliefs, morals and culture or is responsible fractionally more.

I alone am responsible to control myself, my morality, my humanity.

Your dress, your belief, your rightful sense of entitlement,  your superiority, your power, your confidence, your conscience, whatever, is not an EXCUSE to unleash my perversions.

There is a long way to go. But I promise to  internalize this belief deeply. I take this responsibility to change myself. Faster.

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