3D Motion And Heat Sensing Technology Captures Shoppers’ In-Store Behavior – PSFK

Stores know what we purchase through scanning at the checkout, but in-store behavior that doesn’t end in a purchase is much harder to track. A system called Shopperception developed with Primesense places a small 3D sensor above a store shelf to capture shopping behavior for retailers.

Mashable reports that the sensor watches people interact with products and Shopperception’s app aggregates all of this data to create a real-time consumer response report. There’s also a heat map to show which products were picked up a lot and which ones were avoided.

An inspiring reminder by Carl Sagan

…And we go on spilling blood in the name of religion, nationality, ethinicity.

Specially religion. The same religions that did not know basic things like world was round and we were not centre of the universe. How easily they go about promising heaven and hell. Its surprising how hard to believe and flimsy religious tenets are defended so violently by even more crazy believers. How easy it is to exploit the vanity of the masses in the name of religion. Just make them believe, their god is the special one and that they are the god’s chosen one. Its enough to bring out the devil in them…

Interesting read…

“Generation who refuse to grow up: No mortgage. No marriage. No children. No career plan. The other day I had lunch with my father, who was in London on business. He took me to his favourite pub and somewhere between the tomato soup and …

Perhaps I will really sense God

Some other time

In kind words and deeds

Of people

And not in the promise

Of heavenly orgy

A Son’s Prayer ::

Cloud Atlas – All revolutions are the sheerest fantasy until they happen

Cloud Atlas– by David Mitchell Spent the weekend reading this fascinating and imaginatively written book. Not a racy potboiler this. And no cliffhanger suspense either. Somewhere along its slow yet imaginative narrative, it will push you to see life and connections in a much …

Change Starts with Me: #RIPNirbhaya #RIP Indifference

My solemn promise to My Wife. My Women Friends. My Sisters. My Mom. All the Womenfolk.  I will respect your choices and your equal rights to enjoy life and its liberties. I will not pass judgement on your moral standards and duties. I will …

Purple Bird. Flutter and disquiet

In the wild. Flitting away far

Where Leaden feet. Cannot reach

Come converse in silence. Warble inside

Purple Rumped Sunbird

#purplemadness #vividmarg