Logorama: Amazing short movie starring Logos


The Mad Men School of Seduction

As anticipation for the upcoming season of Mad Men continues to grow, I thought I’d pay tribute to those lotharios of Sterling Cooper. This video features almost every pickup line uttered between seasons 1-3.  Have you been having trouble with the ladies?  Well, take a cue from Campbell, Cosgrove, Kinsey, and, of course, the great Roger Sterling, among others.  In less than 3 minutes, you’ll have the skills to score any choice dame.  Mix yourself an Old Fashioned, light that Lucky Strike, and enjoy!

A cinematic study on the social phenomenon that is “Man Smacks”. The application of “Man Smacks”, in simple English, allows two men to embrace each other affectionately while preserving their desire to be perceived as heterosexual.

1,536,653 Views in one week. 5000+comments. Wild viral video to say the least. Hilarious take on iphone. Would love to see how Apple responds to this ad.

Finger Painting on the Apple iPad from the live model David Kassan